Dance for All 
in primary schools


Dance for All offers dance lessons and dance instruction in primary schools. Our educational project has developed over the years and schools in the capital area and in the countryside have taken part in it and also students have come to visit us in the dance studio on Grensásvegur. The emphasis is on creative methods and that students study the dance form from their own point of view and are allowed to be active and conscious participants in the development of the art form.

For the period 2019-2021, Dance for All has received a grant from the Children's Cultural Fund and the City of Reykjavík's School and Leisure Department to have dance educational days for 6th graders in the capital area in collaboration with the Icelandic Dance Company. Students will be offered a three-day dance program over the winter, one morning in a dance studio where they will be taught dance and choreography, one lesson on performing arts at the school and an invitation to a performance at the Icelandic Dance Company. Registration for the dance education days will be in September, but you can get more information about the project at dansgardurinn@gmail.com.

Dance for All 

with Asylum Seekers

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Dansgarðurinn has offered courses for asylum seekers in collaboration with the Reykjavík City Welfare Department and the service team of applicants for international protection. Two courses have been held with an emphasis on the positive effects of the movement and enjoying being and dancing together. In one of the courses, the participants created a dance short film that was shown at the Reykjavík Art Festival and will be shown on RÚV next winter.

Dance for All 

in kindergartens

Dansgarðurinn offers creative and fun dance workshops for preschool children.

The lesson has a special dance theme (weight, speed, direction, body part), is 30 - 60 min and is divided into five parts (warm-up, exploration of theme, technique, creativity, relaxation). There are two dance teachers in each lesson and the syllabus is prepared by Guðrún Óskarsdóttir but it is based on the ideology of Anne Green Gilbert who has been an influence in dance teaching in schools in the USA. Dance is a unique expression and has, among other things, a positive effect on motor skills, social skills, emotional development, creativity, language acquisition and builds self-confidence.

In the winter of 2017-2018, Dansgarðurinn offered dance lessons for everyone in four preschools in collaboration with the City of Reykjavík's School and Leisure Department.

For more information about dance lessons in preschool, please contact: dansgardurinn@gmail.com

Dance for All



Dance for All is also organises dance events where the emphasis is placed on presenting dance for the public and give young dancers attention and space to show. The autumn of 2019, Dans for All hosted the Mjóddamamma festival, where the dance took over the shopping center for a few hours. Pedestrians on the way to Nettó could join in and take a few dance steps or watch dance short films with a croissant and coffee from the bakery.

Dance for All also took part in the dance program of the Reykjavík Cultural Festival, where families were invited to take part in contact imporv, creative dance courses, watch dance fragments by young dancers, dance short films and take a few steps in Danceoke.