Junior College  Program


- You can use the Leisure Grant for all courses that are 10 weeks or longer for students 6 - 18 years old.

- Sibling discount: The oldest child pays the full course fee for the younger siblings 70%

Year 1-3

Grensásvegur 14


Before you register through the registration button below, you must take an entrance exam and get approval for admission to the KLS Junior College program

Junior College students in full study have at least 21 hours per week, but it can be expected that extra hours and assignments will be added outside the traditional timetable.

The studies at the Klassíski listdansskólinn are individual, although there is also a strong emphasis on collaboration in projects and group dance works. The school emphasises to activate individual's strengths, in addition to which students are introduced to the diversity that dance-art has to offer. After completing their postgraduate studies at KLS, students are ready to start dance studies at a university level. Countless students who have graduated from KLS have advanced far in the dance scene both in Iceland and abroad.


Classes begin: February 1

Number of teaching weeks: 16

Price: ISK 102,900

Teachers: Anna Kolfinna Kuran, Bjartey Elín Hauksdóttir, Ernesto Camilo Aldazabal Valdes, Hildur Björk Möller, Hrafnhildur Einarsdóttir, Sóley Frostadóttir Yannier Jökull Oviedo as well as guest teachers.