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About Forward

FWD Youth Company- Forward with dance is a dance group for young dancers that is intended for those who have a good foundation in dance, have completed a junior college degree in ballet and / or are interested in developing themselves as dancers. The dance group is intended as a kind of bridge after graduation before young dancers go to university or take the first steps into the business world.


FWD dancers receive technical training in both classical ballet, modern dance and contemporary dance, they also get to work with professional choreographers who are active in the dance scene in Iceland and abroad, in addition they get to know different possibilities in the field of dance; dance film, how to distinguish dance, collaborative projects with other art forms, guest artists come to visit and introduce different working methods to name a few. FWD's artistic directors also offer participants instruction on continuing education and careers in dance and assistance in preparing for auditions.


FWD is intended for students aged 18-25, however, there are exceptions for both older and younger students in this study. In those cases interested parties are advised to contact the office or send an e-mail.


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