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About Óskandi

Óskandi is a dance school in Eidistorgi, Seltjarnarnes. Óskandi offers a wide range of dance courses where the aim of the school is to offer a professional, meaningful and constructive environment; open the mind to creativity, new thinking, increase social skills, motor skills and self-confidence, train skills in analyzing emotions and critical thinking.

The Óskandi Dance School uses inspiration from different individuals in the development of policies and in the educational and pedagogical approach of the school. Anne Green Gilbert's pedagogy is the common thread in the dance school's pedagogical approach and then weaves into other educational policies, academics and teaching systems, depending on the focus of each course

The name Óskandi consists of wish and spirit. Ósk is derived from wishing but also a reference to the last name Óskarsdóttir. Andi is a translation of "spirit" and a reference to the atmosphere, where one of the main goal of the school is to offer a constructive, positive and pleasant atmosphere where everyone gets the opportunity to be themselves.
The school's motto is cooperation, well-being, ambition and creativity.

Óskandi is under Dansgardurinn and works in close collaboration with Klassíski listdansskólinn, where the administrators, teachers and parents of the schools work together as a whole with one teaching team and one common parent association.

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